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Craft Lab Grown Diamonds is a division of H.K. Designs having separate operations and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. We are completely vertically integrated from possessing our rough growing and manufacturing facility of lab-grown diamonds to manufacturing finished jewelry. Having been in the diamond business for the last 30 years, the stakeholders in the company wanted to broaden their horizons and tap the potential they could foresee in lab-grown manufacturing. A separate team and unit were set up to look after the operations in Surat, which was further expanded by onboarding scientists and expert engineers to work on the process of growing diamonds. All this was done by having sustainability at its core and following social and environmental norms.

Simultaneously, a Design Center and Manufacturing facility was set up in Mumbai for the creation of lab-grown jewelry. Today, less than a year since its inception the company has seen a highly encouraging double-digit growth in this segment, making it one of the fastest-growing jewelry categories.

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