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Aiya Designs


A fourth-generation family-owned business since 1886,

Aiya Designs maintains the highest ethical and professional standards. With a commitment to technical knowledge and dedication to creativity and quality, we believe in honesty, integrity, and a conviction that the greater goal of business is to put people before profit. Every new generation brings a new outlook and redefines our family motto of WIT – Whatever It Takes. This applies to how we conduct business and how we treat our customers.None of this is possible of course without the support of our employees and loyal customers – like yourself. Within the company and industry, our employees and customers are family. We cannot succeed and do what we love if you do not succeed as well. Even though the industry has evolved, the sense of family remains.

From knowledge, to concept, to stone selection, to manufacturing, to jewelry inspection, to sale, we are involved every step of the way. We work hard every day to be reliable and strategic partners to our customers – WIT.

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