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The Power of Technology & Gemology

Thirty years ago, a group of passionate gemologists joined forces with technological innovators to establish the world’s first diamond technology company. This unique fusion of gemology and technology has been the catalyst for sweeping change in the global diamond industry, revolutionizing forever the way that diamonds are evaluated, manufactured, graded, and sold.

From the Mine to the Jewelry Store

For over a generation, Sarine has developed and supplied breakthrough technologies covering the entire diamond pipeline. Sarine products are known and respected worldwide and used by leading producers, key to the success of polishers and found in wholesalers’ offices, all main gem labs and jewelry retail stores worldwide.

The World’s First AI-Based Diamond Lab

Sarine is leading the next technological evolution with the Sarine Technology Lab, the first automated, artificial intelligence-based diamond grading lab. Sarine labs provide the world’s most accurate, reliable diamond grading information in an interactive digital display that is redefining the retail industry and the consumer experience.

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