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Are you a Prime Jewelry Retailer?
Only a select group of retailers are qualified to participate in Prime. Those who qualify are rewarded with a show experience that is both distinctive and unparalleled, where your every need is anticipated and your business is rewarded. We invite you to apply and select the level of participation that best suits your needs.

» Find out about our Buyer Levels before you apply.


Event Application

  • Retailer Contact Information

  • Participation Status

  • Terms:

    • Qualifying Prime retail attendees must be JBT rated with a “1” or “2” rated store.
    • If you are unsure of your rating or if you qualify to attend, please complete the application to attend and we will review and contact you.
    • Prime Jewelry Group has the sole right to determine admissibility.

    Once we receive your application, someone will contact you from the Prime office. Additional information may be required.

For more information contact Jonathan Farnsworth at 801-450-1756
Pocatello ID 83201